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India's first integrated reverse osmosis membrane manufacturing facility at Verna, Goa.
Our Aim
To conserve our planet's most precious resources - water, air, soil and energy through 360° environment solutions.
Substantial, superior value via a one-stop package of customised solutions, quality service and technical support, with single-point contact.
The institutional sector - hotels, spas, hospitals, schools and laboratories, have many different needs for water treatment. Apart from systems for specific medical...
Increasing pollution of surface and ground water has made quality of drinking water supplies to communities a paramount concern. Simultaneously, communities are faced with increasingly severe water shortages...
We provide various environment management solutions for residential and commercial establishments by ways of water purification, treatment and recycle.
Meeting today's needs, innovating for the future

At Ion Exchange, we bring you total environment solutions - water treatment, liquid waste treatment, recycle and solid waste management.

Specialists in water and environment management for over five decades, we provide solutions across industry, homes and communities. Integrating extensive process technologies, design, engineering and project management capability, we offer total solutions with single source responsibility.

We generate substantial and superior value for our customers, creating quantifiable benefits for them through our comprehensive solutions which include:
  • Purifying water to ensure safe drinking water for homes and communities, urban and rural
  • Treating water to meet the quality requirements of any industrial process
  • Removing pollutants from waste water
  • Recycling and recovering water and valuable products for reuse
  • Recovering energy from waste
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