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To conserve our planet's most precious resources - water, air, soil and energy through 360° environment solutions.
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Knowledge Management

Management of knowledge which is one of the most important assets is a skilful and challenging task for any organisation. Knowledge management is an ongoing business process which helps overcome this challenge.

Ion Exchange, a pioneer in water and environment management, recognised for its enormous knowledge resource, introduced its knowledge management function - The Knowledge Centre in 1995. This centre takes care of creation, collation, organisation, dissemination and effective utilisation of information. It is well equipped with books, journals, newsletters, project documents, client certificates, product test certificates, sales and operation/maintenance guides and much more. The centre is a treasure of information which is collated from both internal and external sources. Effective knowledge transfer at Ion Exchange helps optimise service efficiency and maximise customer satisfaction.

Ion Exchange’s knowledge management function went online in 2005 with the launch of an intranet portal - Knowledge Park. The portal is constantly updated and serves as a medium of transferring valuable information while maintaining required security and confidentiality. The records preserved here are detailed and informative. Quality data is provided to users irrespective of location and time. Knowledge Park can be accessed by customers as well as employees at

Technical document based information is an essential tool for engineers during project development and design work. In order to take care of this, an in-house document management system - Document Control System (DCS) was implemented in 2010. It provides employees LAN based access to documents at any time. It makes communication and exchange of project experiences and comments between the employees much easier.

Ion Exchange has successfully incorporated knowledge management within the organisation, which in turn is leading to improved operations in providing 360° solutions to customers.