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Our aim
To conserve our planet's most precious resources - water, air, soil and energy through 360° environment solutions.
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Wide range of membranes and membrane processes for fluid purification and recovery separation.

Service network providing complete technical and value-adding services for customers of household and packaged/pre-engineered water and water & waste water treatment systems.

Complete range of drinking water purifiers and water conditioners catering to all consumer segments and budgets.

Total environment solutions - water treatment, liquid waste treatment & recycle, air pollution control, solid & hazardous waste management and generation of energy from waste.

Complete range of Indion resins - gel, isoporous, macroporous, cation and anion exchange resins.

Subsidiary company established in Singapore to service the Pan ASEAN region for total water management.

Subsidiary company in USA, provides total solutions for the water & waste water needs of municipalities and all types of industries.

Knowledge base for environment: Find solutions for all your environment related issues.