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Empowering a sustainable future across industries.
Empowering a sustainable future across industries.
Empowering a sustainable future across industries.

Mining and Minerals

Extracting Quality

Ion Exchange provides specific solutions for the mining and mineral industry. We indulge in studying your process and provide integrated solutions, on turnkey basis, that ensure trouble free, continuous peak performance at optimal cost, with single point responsibility.

Water Management:

  • Process water and effluent treatment
  • Water conditioning and chemical treatment programmes
  • Wide range of speciality performance chemicals for cooling water & boiler water treatment for all industries
  • Recycle of process streams and cooling tower blow down and utility waste water
  • Wide range of polyelectrolyte for liquid / solid separation in water & waste water treatment
  • Comprehensive O & M and AMC of the total water circuit
  • Upgradation / retrofitting plants on BOT basis
  • 24/7 service support
  • Supply of consumables like ion exchange resins, membranes, adsorbents, water treatment chemicals, antiscalants and critical spares
  • Total water management consultancy

We also provide speciality process chemicals for the mining and mineral sector. Developed through sustained R&D effort and technical collaborations, our speciality chemicals help enhance efficiency and productivity of various unit operations and augment environmental operations. The products are backed by application support, engineering tools and service expertise for the proper preparation of solution, dosages in ppm quantities and monitoring of the relevant process parameters for processes such as:

  • Alumina Refinery
  • Coal Washeries
  • Iron Ore Beneficiation
  • Zinc Ore Beneficiation
  • Copper Ore Beneficiation
  • Titanium Ore Processing
  • Gold Ore Leaching
  • Phosphate Industries
  • Graphite Flotation
  • Power Coal Washeries
  • Mineral Sand
  • Construction

Our customers benefit from continuous uptime, lower water consumption/ton through recycle, lower costs, lower / zero discharge of pollutants. Moreover, creative ownership options such as BOT and lease help reduce their utility costs.