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Water Treatment Systems in Rural Punjab

The Punjab government, in its efforts to ensure clean and clear drinking water to various rural areas including schools as a part of the overall government scheme for eradication of drinking water related issues, selected Ion Exchange to partner their efforts in this area. Two major activities that we are participating in, under the government’s drinking water programme, are provision of community drinking water system for rural areas and point-of-use water purifier for rural schools.

Community Drinking Water System

Since the raw water source in various areas in the state had different contaminants, the choice of technology was a crucial deciding factor in the government choosing to partner with Ion Exchange for these solutions. Our state-of-art fluoride removal systems are used to treat water containing harmful fluoride ions making it suitable for drinking. For other areas in the state where turbidity and suspended impurities are a problem because of canal water sources our state-of-the-art continuous sand filters provide an effective solution for removal of these impurities. These filters by virtue of their unique design, are ideally suited for rural areas because they require no operator attention/stoppage for backwash and can also withstand spikes and higher levels of turbidity and suspended solids.

POU Drinking Water Purifiers for Rural Schools

Under the Rajiv Gandhi Drinking Water Mission, the Ministry of Rural Development and the Dept. of Drinking Water Supply launched the Jalmani project, to provide non-electricity base drinking water purifier systems for schools in rural India. Ion Exchange received an order for 750 Eco+ Puriline POU systems from the Government of Punjab for their government schools, for disinfection and removal of microbial impurities from water.

Our Home Water Solutions (Retail) division created ripples with award of a contract for 6000 Suraksha Plus purifiers from Headquarters, Northern Command.