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Drinking Water Maharaja Style!

Our Community & Commercial Water Systems (Institutional) division was awarded a prestigious order for water purification in the Maharaja Express luxury train service, a joint venture project of Cox & Kings and Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). The order was for two 15 LPH RO units for ice-cube making in the dining car cum bar and for 19 units of a custom made electrolytic purification system (Eco+ Puriline) for installation in the deluxe & super-deluxe coaches - the first-of-its-kind water purifier to be installed in a super-deluxe train.

Sewage Recycle at ITC Maurya

A contract, for the Escravos gas to liquid project for Chevron, Nigeria, for a condensate polishing package consisting of filtration, twin bed and mixed bed demineralisation. The consultant is KBR, USA.

Filter stream: Condensate from the heat exchangers is polished in a series of cartridge, de-oiling and activated carbon filters, for removal of free/ dissolved oil. It is designed to produce a net flow rate of 49.9m3/h of treated condensate (one train working + one standby).

Fully automatic, it can however also be operated in semi auto and manual modes.

Twin bed demineraliser: Provides polishing of process condensate from the plant. The main stream consists of ctaion and anion demineralisers in series. Net flow rate is 238 m3/h (one train working + one standby); there are two trains in parallel, with the same components.

In 2007, the ITC-Welcomgroup entered a new phase in its collaboration with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, with an exclusive tie-up to bring in the Starwod premium brand, Luxury to India. These super deluxe and premium Luxury Collection hotels are located at seven strategic business and leisure locations in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore,, ITC Hyderabad and Agra.

The makeover to luxury class started with ITC Maurya - the flagship hotel of the chain which receives VIPs from all over the world including the President of the United States. In keeping with ITC’s eco vision, it included environment friendly features with zero discharge by recycling over 800 m3/day waste water as a prime initiative. Ion Exchange was among the companies selected to present technology options.

The proposal to use the membrane bioreactor (MBR) was accepted; and after being shortlisted, with two other world leading MBR suppliers, Ion Exchange was preferred for this project, which includes a five year O&M contract of the MBR plant. The selection was based on our experience, capability, back up service and local presence. Our pilot units at various locations including Delhi, our many full scale installations in India and our proposal to incorporate flat sheet MBR modules with their many advantages in terms of cleanablity of membrane surface, over the competing hollow fibre modules, played a key role in the award of the contract. The treated water will be used for the cooling towers, toilet flushing, horticulture and laundry as well as to maintain the “Budha Jayanti Park” (a corporate social responsibility initiative).

Execution of the project was indeed challenging, as work had to proceed in a functioning hotel and the arrival of dignitaries and celebrities would bring execution of the project to a halt for the duration of their stay. However, close cooperation and interaction between the ITC and Ion Exchange teams saw the completion of civil and piping work, electrical cabling, mechanical erection and the installation & commissioning of the MBR modules, to allow the sewage to enter the MBR.