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Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)

Activated Carbon Filters are used in the process of removing organic compounds and extracting chlorine content from water, making it suitable for discharge or for use in manufacturing processes.

Activated Carbon Filters (ACF) are intended to remove free residual chlorine (FRC) present in feed water. Granular activated carbon is used as the filter media. A range of carbon filters are available to treat feed water up to 170 m3 /h.

Activated Carbon Filter for water treatment can be used to remove chlorine with little damage to the carbon, dechlorination occurs rapidly and flow rates are typically high. However, this process requires an extensive amount of surface area, and organics in the water will eventually fill up, blocking the pores of the carbon. Ultimately, the activated carbon filter will need to be replaced as its ability to dechlorinate the water will slowly decline.

How it Works

Activated Carbon Filter uses carbon as a filter media. This arrangement produces a filter bed with efficient removal of colour, odour, free chlorine in raw water and oil, COD etc. in some cases. Specific flow rates of 10 – 24 m3/h has been successfully obtained for treating waters post multi grade filter. Pressure vessels are designed as per Ion Exchange India (Ltd)’s good engineering practice. Vessels confirming to ASME Sec. VIII can be supplied on request. Pressure vessels are of MS, MSRL or SS 316 construction. Frontal pipe work is available in PVC, MS, MSRL or SS 316.


  • They are compact and easy to install and maintain
  • The filters can tolerate any variation or shock loads in free residual chlorine
  • Pressure gauges available to measure pressure gauges across the unit.
  • Filter backwash is carried out by reversal off low


  • Activated carbon filters are used in all applications like demineralising and reverse osmosis units that require removal of free residual chlorine present in feed water
  • For removal of traces of oil, organic matter, color and odor

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