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Fluidised Media Reactor

Fluidised Media Reactor (FMR) is designed as a single tank unit, incorporating a bar screen chamber, specially developed synthetic media to facilitate attached growth process, oxygen transfer through diffused membrane aeration, a lamella settled and a chlorine contact tank for disinfection.


  • Single tank design
  • 1/3 space of conventional sewage tratment plant
  • Uses high porosity moving media for bacteria to grow
  • Useful for modification/capacity extension of existing sewage tratment plant


  • Minimum land usage
  • Minimum power & chemical requirement
  • Low operating cost


INDION FMR delivers treated water to meet local discharge norms and can be used as a decentralised compact sewage treatment plant for housing complexes, hotels, commercial complexes, industries and rural communities. The treated water can be used for gardening, toilet flushing and other low end applications.

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