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Membrane Bio-Reactor

INDION Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) is designed to produce treated water from wastewater with highest possible reduction in contaminant without using any chemicals.

What makes the INDION MBR so successful is the effectiveness of the submerged membranes filtration in the biological treatment process. It is this membrane treatment that produces high quality permeate from domestic sewage and industrial wastewater. The submerged membranes in this Membrane Bio-reactor is used in the biological process to remove suspended matter from activated sludge and provided stable and reliable unit with consistent performance.


  • Single packaged unit with minimal civil construction
  • Modular in construction and design
  • Compact, requires 25% of a conventional system
  • Low energy consumption (1. 14 kwh/1000 gal) for filtration
  • Up to 6 log (99.9999%) removal of total coliform
  • No chemicals required during treatment

The Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) Advantages

  • Minimum land usage
  • Minimal power and chemical requirement
  • Low operating cost

Membrane Bio Reactor Applications

  • Housing Complexes
  • Townships
  • Hotels
  • Golf & Country Clubs
  • Industrial Estates & Industrial Waste Treatment
  • Waste recycle
  • Existing plant upgrade and/or capacity expansion

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